Jonathan Williams of Hattiesburg started a rock and roll cover band with one of Hattiesburg’s most enthusiastic guitarist’s and singer/song writer Ben Steadman, of Collins, MS back in 2009, along with Jonathan’s sister Jamie Williams of Hattiesburg, and 2 other Hattiesburg locals, called Brickhouse Hero. Since then, other musicians joined the band and left, but Jonathan, Ben, and Jamie have stayed a constant. In November of 2010, Jonathan, Ben, and Jamie sat down and evaluated the situation at hand- “What music can we play that we love that extends beyond our hometown?”. Combining all three of their lyric writing styles and music interest, Bluegrass/folk/roots was the way to go! It’s fun, it fits us well, and People LOVE it!!!

We recruited Dan Cornett of Petal, with American and Irish Folk experience, and Kyle Baughman of Petal, who had been touring with the band “Natalie Kirk and company”, and Rosemary Biglin of Hattiesburg, with bluegrass experience. Ben Steadman and Rosemary Biglin have since moved on, and we have recruited Dave Breland. We give thanks to Ben Steadman and Rosemary biglin for giving so much to the foundation of this band. Also giving thanks to J.T. Lack, Julius Csaszar, and Gail Fox who all sit in with us from time to time. With all the great musicians that have played with the band, from constant to here and there, the PineBelt Pickers have been bringing “Roots music” to the South ever since!

The band has a great mixture with unique instruments and harmonic voices playing their original music like no other. Since the release of their debut album “Magnolia State of Mine”, a couple of originals on the album, just to name a few, “Can I have your number”, and “Mamas Baptist Church”, have been attracting souls and “sticking in the brains” of the south‘s music loving people. If you‘re looking for music that‘s different, but still makes you want to dance, yell, hoop, holler, sway, shuffle, clap and stomp, then this is the band to see. The PineBelt Pickers are one of the South‘s most enthusiastic, energetic, and influential bands of the times!

Jonathan Williams - Rythem Guitar, Dobro, Harmonica, Vocals
Jamie Williams - Vocals, Harmonica, tambourine, shaker
Kyle Baughman - Mandolin, Vocals
Dan Cornett - Banjo, Vocals
Dave Breland - Bass, Harmony Vocals

The feedback has been overwhelming from the public. People say that we sound like a “Bluegrass/folk/Roots” rendition of a gospel choir at the Church of Outlaw Country that sings about hard times and good parties”! Quoted by Sam Miller in the “Blue Healer Sit-ins” of the Hattiesburg American, “It didn‘t take long for the seven-member folk band, PineBelt Pickers, to become a bar hoppin‘, foot stompin‘, party makin‘ band!” This direction is exactly where the South‘s music needs to go. A diverse music scene can really boost people‘s love for ALL music! AND IT HAS!!!